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:: Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Look again at the before and afters on the website: and you’ll understand why 4 – 5 women a day fly to Ft. Lauderdale Florida from all over the United States and the world for me to operate on them.

The following paragraphs should answer most of your questions and concerns regarding FEMALE GENITAL COSMETIC SURGERY. Please feel free to call me personally for any additional information: 954.483.7929.Dr. Stern.

When picking a cosmetic surgeon you need to look at least 3 things. It is not like buying a used car or a couch. You don’t want the cheapest, easiest, or the closest. It’s your body and you get only one chance at getting this surgery done right. Look at the facilities (we are a nationally and state inspected and certified ambulatory, outpatient, surgical facility with two operating rooms, two complete surgical teams, pre-op and recovery for 4, and 2 overnight beds with a nurse). Look at the Doctors’ credentials. (You can even go on-line to and look me up), and most of all look at a lot of examples of his or her work. If you don’t see pictures, ask the doctor or nurse how many vaginal cosmetic surgeries he or she has done in the last year. Based on the examples of my work posted on the website, I have been asked to teach, to lecture, to train other physicians all over the world!

We are a $ 200 plane flight from anywhere in the continental U.S. Our surgery center is 10 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. I do 4 – 5 cases a day on women from all over the world. Because so many of my patients are from out of state, my office is very skilled at assisting you with consultation, travel, and surgery plans.

Most women fly in the day before surgery by 2 pm. For your safety, if you have not had medical clearance from your private MD, we will have arranged clearance 4 you when you arrive. I then will do a history and physical, draw labs, review consents and forms, call in medications, and shoot the first set of digital photos. You and I immediately blow up the photos on a large screen monitor and you and I custom design exactly what you would like to look like. You stay overnight at one of several motels or hotels we have arrangements with. The next morning is surgery. Computer generated digital before and proposed “cuts” are posted on screens in the Operating Room. In addition, prior to anesthesia, I mark your labia and/or vagina along proposed lines of dissection, and you and I go over again the desired results. Following surgery, if you choose, for $ 250, you can stay overnight with us, “pain-free” with a nurse, or stay at the motel. I see you the next morning before you fly out. For either procedure alone, usually 3 – 4 days and you can return to work. If you have both procedures performed at the same sitting, usually you’d like 6 – 7 days off work. A 6 week post op visit is encouraged, however since 90 % of my patients are from out of state, a digital photo and follow up phone call is the norm. No tampex, g-strings, or sex for at least 4 – 6 weeks. As with any surgery, complete healing is 13 weeks (3 months). Call the office 954.981.3223 or me directly at 954.483.7929.

* HYMENOPLASTY costs $4000
* COMBINATION Labiaplasty/Vaginoplasty $ 11,000

See Stern’s work on our website:

See Dr. Stern’s work on our website: Cosmetic Surgery

Please call our office 954.981.3223 to schedule your free consultation.

Or complete our online contact form!

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